How Dumb? Corner Fred and Harry

I haven’t had a chance to go pick up something that I purchased online two weeks back, it’s currently at the Strubensvalei Post Office. I thought I’d go pick it up this morning, but somehow I struggled to find the location of the post office. Google Maps pointed me to the correct place, but I was skeptical seeing how some POIs are sometimes not at their correct locations.

I took on to the internet to find the address, and I kept getting Corner Fred and Harry Street. The ‘official’ address from was “corner Vrede and Harry Streets”. Problem is, there is neither Fred/Vrede nor Harry Street in Strubensvalei. I went back to Google Maps, and after a minute of looking I just thought:

These idiots, the post office is on corner Fredenharry, not Fred and Harry!

As the politicians always speak, heads must roll over this mistake! I ended up not picking up my package as I was becoming late for work.

Free Car Wash in the Rain

I went to the south and back in a few billion yoctoseconds. It was soaking wet on the road, mom had to even caution me to drive like a granny.

On my way back the rain had stopped for most of the short journey. I noticed that my car was completely dry when I parked, and I might have a speeding ticket to my name. Since the car was dry and relatively clean, it struck me that next time it’s going to rain I should just apply a layer of car cleaner and go race it clean on the highway.

Problem solved, now to figure out how to clean the inside …