A Case Against the ‘www’ [Updated 09 Dec 2012]

I must admit that ever since I learnt about hosting and the Internet, I have never understood one thing:

Why some websites work with the ‘www’ prefix, while some do not.

When I started using Apache, I learnt that there is essentially no difference between having the prefix or not. That was until I played around with Windows Servers. I noticed that it was a trend for most hosts to enable the redirect of www, eliminating the difference between www.nevi.me and nevi.me. One thing I noticed though was that a lot of websites at the time (this was 5 years back) still required the prefix. Some of these still do, and even more still pop up once in a while violating this (let’s call it a) principle.

Principle: a user should be able to access an URL with or without the ‘www’ prefix, except where the address is a custom sub-domain. Continue reading “A Case Against the ‘www’ [Updated 09 Dec 2012]”