Shesha Tuks

Yesterday (31 October) on Talk Radio 702, I heard about Shesha Tuks; which is a Tuk Tuk system for the Sandton area. I liked the idea, and more especially the target area. Here’s my opinion

Sandton has about 3 local transport systems (I think), being:

  1. Taxis
  2. GauTrain bus
  3. Metered cabs

Now, out of the three above, metered cabs are the most expensive ones. I recall last year, before I bought a car, needing to go from Rivonia Road to Woodmead. I didn’t know whether there were taxis that go to Woodmead, so I ventured toward the metered cabs.
I asked the driver how much it would cost to get to Woodmead, and I heard R50. So I bit the bullet and entered the car, but before we drove off I confirmed the price. The guy said “No, it’s R150!“. I hadn’t heard him correctly. Continue reading “Shesha Tuks”