[Tutorial] – Fix Search Results Hijack

About 2 months or so I found myself with a virus after I turned off my ESET Smart Security ┬áto access a site I had blocked. I spent a while trying to fix or bypass the effects of the virus, and wrote a post here about my observations. Well, I fixed the problem a while ago, but till today when I noticed that the post is most viewed; I decided to share it. It’s gonna be a short one as it only deals with fixing the search redirect.

Before you go ahead, make sure that you have cleaned the virus. You should only be having the results hijack issue! Continue reading “[Tutorial] – Fix Search Results Hijack”

Search Results being Hijacked

My blog has very low activity, so if you’re reading this post; it means you’ve searched for a solution for your problem, but haven’t yet found one.

About 3 weeks ago I was hit by the ‘System Check’ malware. A script on a website (can’t recall off by head which, but it was one of the WordPress sites), likely through a poisoned carrot on the theme files or some upload. My anti-virus (ESET) picked it up, a few times at that. I was curious, and looked into my temp folder to see what was up. A few moments later I had forgotten about the intrusion (I have bad memory), and I turned off ESET Firewall to open a port range (don’t ask why). Then bang!!! I was hit by the malware. Continue reading “Search Results being Hijacked”