Jesus Culture Live in New York: Coming 20 November 2012

Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Martin Smith, and the Jesus Culture teamΒ were at it in New York. And as a result we get another live album πŸ™‚

The promotion has gone up on the website, been out for about 2 weeks I think.

I don’t have details yet on whether it’ll be a CD + DVD combo, or whether each will be sold separately. The latter would make sense as there’s 16 tracks on the album. Also seems that they’re just gonna call “Live from New York”.

There’s a sample of songs (as we’ve come to expect) on the website, just click on the Listen link.

Jesus Culture: Awakening

Every time when there’s a new upcoming album I get euphoria to the extent that I always say I’m gonna save R1 each day till the album hits the stores. πŸ™‚

Jesus Culture released Awakening some time in late 2011. I ‘bumped’ onto a Facebook post about it, and it had been out for a few days. So I followed my tradition and went to CUM Books to get a copy. I love the album, I love the lyric; I love I love.

It’s a double disc, no video this time though. (And Kim Walker-Smith isn’t laughing like on Come Away). Hope those who have a copy also enjoy the worship music.


01. Awaken Me – Chris Quilala
02. Father Of Lights – Kim Walker-Smith
03. Perfect Love (Father of Lights Reprise) – Kim Walker-Smith
04. Break Every Chain – Kristene DiMarco
05. Glorious – Katie Torwalt
06. My Everything – Chris Quilala
07. Nothing But The Blood – Chris Quilala
08. Dance – Kim Walker-Smith
09. He Is Faithful – Bryan Torwalt
10. Burning Ones – Chris Quilala
11. Holy Are You (Burning Ones Reprise) – Chris Quilala
12. I Surrender – Kim Walker-Smith
13. We Are Hungry – Chris Quilala
14. Fill Me Up – Kim Walker-Smith
15. Holding Nothing Back – Chris Quilala
16. The Anthem


My favourite tracks are #01, 04, 07, 14 and 16. Of course Bryan & Katie Torwalt’s songs were so moving that I went and bought their album the following weekend. So I’m now officially hooked on JC Music, getting Jake Hamilton next.