8ta Modifies the 10GB Offer

8ta ran probably the best internet promo in a while, with the 10GB for R199 offer. The promotion expired at the end of March 2013, but I see there’s a slightly better one. 8ta [Telkom Mobile] is now offering a 20GB offer for R299 (essentially the same as the previous offer, but the other 10GB is not optional any more). The one thing I appreciate is that the NightSurfer data now starts from 11PM as opposed to 12AM. This makes a huge difference for me because I normally sleep just before midnight, so I hardly get to use the data for non-scheduled downloads (you know what 🙂 ).

So Kudos 8ta, you are the Internet Hero for today

You can check the offer out here: [http://www.8ta.com/plans/postpaid-data/10gbpromo/]