Pilgrim’s Progress: Son of Woman [Flee Lust and Temptation]

Oh son of woman, simple be thy ways son of woman!
Resist the flesh, the lust for woman
Her cobweb at your eyes she hath woven
gouge out your eye, for narrow be the path thou hast chosen.

Cherish her presence,
and not crave guidance in her absence!
Love first the woman whence from thou comest.
Love The Holy One’s wisdom, from whence love thou knowest.

In patience thou shalt await your lot
In The Father seek guidance, for He faileth not
Abandoned and alone be your evil ways
Through The Spirit, follow The Son for all your days.

‘The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge’
and hither lay she, take heart son of woman, flee her who entice thee, ask Yahweh for courage!