Pilgrim’s Progress: Liar

Im my previous post I listed the 10 words that best describe me. I do not believe that those words are words which anyone would wish to be described, however of me they are true. Not to say that there are no good qualities about me – or any human being out there. Yet when deciding to take my pilgrimage I sought after opening up to working on those 10 things. There are much more to work on, but those were the top 10.

Thus every once in a while I will pause on the journey and reflect on each and every one of the 10 ‘qualities’, beginning with being a liar.

  • What we do not understand is a lie

In 2009 there were about 6.775 billion humans on the Earth. Some estimated 33% of us are estimated to be Christians. Then there are atheists who spend their lives proclaiming that the Bible and Christianity are all lies. The interesting thing for me is that if one was to look at the variety of people who are Christians, you would find that [if it is relevant] a good percentage is people whom if  placing their beliefs on their intellect would not be Christians. We are obsessed with wanting to know everything, to an extent that some of us when faced with unbelievable facts/concepts/stories we refute them as false. We say

“if it does not make sense to me it is a lie”

  •  Warning against lies from false prophets

Then there are the false prophets that we are constantly warned about, e.g. (1 Timothy 1:1). The advent of international Free To Air TV has seen an increase of those on most families’ homes (at least in the 2 largest nations of Africa; Nigeria and South Africa). Now I am not saying that most ministries out there are dodgy, but there are always those few on Soweto TV [South Africa] which do seem unbiblical. Yet as Paul once said in (2 Timothy 4:3-4) we are seeing a lot more of that these days. One which I recall was where the preacher here at home was teaching the controversies against the Roman Catholic Church, which with misguidance would have led one to ‘hate’ their Catholic neighbour.

  • The worst of lies

Yet amidst the two that I have talked about above, I consider lies at an inter-personal leevl to be the worst of them all. There was a magnificent movement about 2000 years ago when Christ walked the earth as man. When reading the Gospels, we read that every time that people heard of Christ’s whereabouts they would go after him, to be taught and healed  – saved. Now 2 millennia after he left us with the Holy Spirit there are around 2 billion Christians; imagine how many places/sources there are where we can hear of our Lord.
We all aspire to live like Christ, to be like Him.

I remember in the Old Testament, when Moses was being given the sacrificial laws, there was a part that mentioned intentional sin and unintentional sin (Numbers 15: 27-31). If you think about it, lying is always intentional. There is always that ‘thing’ in your conscience that tells me that what I am about to say is a lie. So I should consider lying a serious sin, be it white lies or any other form of lie. In (Ephesians 4:25) we are told to put off falsehood.

I call it the worst of lies because as I said in the previous paragraph, this kind of lying is one of which the Holy Spirit cautions us about quite a lot. Now I will return to complete this topic some time down the line as it has somewhere to fit in to the Pilgrom’s Progress.