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Page numbers, one of the many things I am terrible at remembering. I have been looking for a system to remember the pages on which I pause in the many books I read, thus far my attempts are unfruitful.

Ever since September 2009 I have been buying books, in such volume that even though I am a very fast reader, I have fallen behind on most of them.


Book Collection
Part of my book collection. The books I'm currently reading.

I remember the first novel that I bought: Waking Lazarus by T.L. Hines, it was long, and the story-line was hard to follow, though still very interesting. Around 300 pages, which I read in the space of  about 9 months on and off. I used to keep a toothpick as a bookmark in the book, which worked until I eventually reached the end of the book.
The toothpick was however not always a viable option for all the books, I found that some of the hard-backs were slowly getting damaged under the pressure, so I did away with it and decided to rely on memory.

I think of the +20 books that I’ve had, I’ve only completed reading 6. Some are naturally not meant to be completed in a flash. There is a book called Conviction Without Compromise by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes. Oh that one was mostly for reference purposes, but I could never remember where I read something (I must at this point disclaim that I have some form of photographic memory from reading the Tax Act and Accounting Standards). At least I could vaguely remember the Bible references used in the text.

I once bought John Piper’s  Don’t Waste Your Life. Sadly lent it to someone and never saw it since, I saw it at the bookstore recently and bought it again. Therein I have been keeping reference of how far I am by remembering the actual page number. So far it’s working, …

Yet because I normally read 3 books over the same period, I find myself struggling to remember which page 32 of which book I was reading.

I wish some day I will have all the time to read all those books that I have, and hopefully also complete my Bible in One Year with HTB. That would at least mean I don’t have to keep remembering page numbers, as I have found that the photographic memory thing works when I read the Bible from the hard-copy and obviously not the mobile app.

Until then I shall keep finding a better system to remember page numbers.