Page Numbers

Page numbers, one of the many things I am terrible at remembering. I have been looking for a system to remember the pages on which I pause in the many books I read, thus far my attempts are unfruitful.

Ever since September 2009 I have been buying books, in such volume that even though I am a very fast reader, I have fallen behind on most of them.


Book Collection
Part of my book collection. The books I'm currently reading.

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Our Failing Education System

Back when I was in high school I wanted to become a high school teacher. When I got to varsity it took only 2 years for me to change my mind; and want to be a varsity lecturer. Now I am working, and Instead of changing, I now urge those with a passion for education to join the cause and do something for our ‘failing’ education system. I like detail and statistics, but our education system needs no mention of statistics for us to acknowledge that it is failing us. Through many years of observation I believe it is caused by two gross inefficiencies.

  1. Ignorance
  2. Lack of resources

Now I know that nobody likes being called ignorant, so I will try my best to justify the first point more than the latter. Continue reading “Our Failing Education System”

Building a web design portfolio

Well after ages of not ‘designing’ websites, I’ve decided to start making websites commercially. The move is really marked by some of the rip-offs that I’ve seen recently. I don’t know if it’s okay to over-bill a client because they don’t know how a website, hosting and basic e-mail work.

There’s a group of guys who billed over R 2’000 on a ‘basic’ website, and there were three bad things about it.

  1. They used a template that they found on the net, and it was a bit horrible.
  2. They couldn’t even mod the template properly, pictures look stretched etc.
  3. They ‘ripped’ the client off, there’s absolutely no useful functionality or anything that could warrant such a rate. Continue reading “Building a web design portfolio”