iOS Device Pricing and Silliness

Just finished streaming the Apple update event now. I am impressed with their Mac line as usual, but I just couldn’t resist talking about a few things that I saw.

At some point I went: jackie-chan-what

DAT Price Apple

So, the iPad Mini is getting ‘Retina’ display as all of us expected, and its USD price is going up to $399, with the previous generation iPad dropping to $299. One might concede that Apple isn’t playing competition from a price-point, but the old iPad Mini is now $70 more expensive than a 7.0 inch Google Nexus 7 (which has the same pixel density as the new Retina Mini, and a beautiful display as people say).

I think it’s insane to keep the iPad Mini at such an insane price

I’m hopefully getting my hands on the Nexus 7 in a few months or maybe weeks. 🙂

Mavericks is free, yay!

Not that I own a Mac, but I have been thinking about getting one when I head off to the Americas. I don’t mind the $30 or whatever they charge for upgrades, Microsoft took my money when Windows 8 launched (although I managed to score Pro with Media Center for R125, about $15 at the time).

Anyways, the thing I wanna say is that instead of Apple gracefully acknowledging that they’re taking the direction that Microsoft has recently taken with Windows 8.1, by making it free to Windows 8 users, they go and throw a dirty one at them by showing a retail box of Windows 8 at $200, and claim that they’re free while the competition charges for upgrades.

They couldn’t really compare to the 8.1 that was released 5 days ago, but had to take a stab at something that was released 369 days ago.

Cool story on the free upgrade, bro!

iPad catered apps, not stretched out phone apps

Don’t feed the trolls!

iPad has always had an advantage, Android is still catching up, Windows is … Oh, where was I? I’ll give them a point on the number of “iPad designed apps”, at least until Google announces their figures this coming Thursday.

The biggest problem with this statement, however, is that it’s a bit more on the side of bull. Anyone who is aware of Android design guidelines would know that the same apk that works on phones can also “scale up” (read as “be displayed differently using fragments”) and not “stretch out”. I understand that it’s a major talking point for a developer to say that they’ve got a tablet specific app, but that’s overrated on Android.

What we might forget in the light of such claims by Apple is that a lot of developers release two separate apps, for iPhone and iPad, and some end up charging twice for the same app.

I know that there’s what Apple calls “universal apps”, but that’s standard on Android. Developers even have the flexibility of managing multiple versions of their apps under the same listing. No confusion.

The Great

I’ve been looking around, and not seeing any “fantastic” WIndows laptop that I can buy next year, I like the Mac Pros, and I might get me one if I convince myself to save up hard enough. This is where Apple really shine.

PS: don’t go look at the share price and say that “Wall Streets was unimpressed with Apple”, today is a choppy day on the markets, well  at least in the US.