I know I’m a nobody in a small town from some country where people think we have lions as pets, that doesn’t matter.
It became a habit to get home and open, read up about all the start-ups and what they are doing to try change the way we do things.

The site is useful, but there’s one huge problem I have about them; they are ‘iSheep’. Their journalism and editorial is becoming an insult to people’s intelligence.
It’s okay for individual authors to have certain preferences, but I think they take it too far when they bash everything that stands on Apple’s way.
My observation’s that as Google and other companies have been spending more on Research and Development (evidenced by their financials), Apple hasn’t been upping their spend enough. Though journalists tend to say that Apple has $100 billion ‘in the bank’, it technically does not. It has about a quarter of that amount (the rest is long-term investments, even if they are marketable securities, they are not ‘cash’).

So one would naturally expect Apple to trail behind in ‘innovation’. Anyways, now there’s this TechCrunch site that just keeps promoting Apple, to a terrible extent where everything else (Google, Nokia, Microsoft, RIM) are being bashed almost from every corner.

I don’t wanna write an essay, but this here posted today is what made me just stop going to TechCrunch:

There’s also a chance that Google will announce a new range of Nexus 7 tablets, perhaps with a model costing as low as $100 and another with 64GB of storage.

The event happens the Monday after Apple’s iPad mini event and the launch of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface. Intentional timing? You bet. With every announcement, Google is pushing its own branded hardware more than ever before.

No matter what’s announced, we’ll be there in force, ready to liveblog the action no matter how boring or dull it might be. [Emphasis is mine]

So this is the end of TechCrunch for me 🙂 I hope that in future AOL gets decent journalists to write stories, not the elementary rubbish that’s sometimes written.