Google Play Music Coming to South Africa

Android users, Google fans, rejoice! I just discovered something on Google Play Music 🙂

We now have local South African music on Google Play. It’s only available through All Access for now, but it’s all there! I searched for a few Kwaito and Hip Hop artists, and gospel of course lol.

I think that it’s only a matter of weeks before Google announce availability.

For example, I searched for We Will Worship, and found their latest album from this year. Here’s evidence:



Again, the music is now only available on All Access, trying to buy an album will result in the fugly default 404 page:


I’ve been hoping for this for a while now. I’ve found it a bit off that I’d go to iTunes to buy music, then have it upload to Google servers. I just hope that they don’t price their music in the same way as the US, because we all know that iTunes is cheaper in SA than in the US.

Here’s to waiting for Android Police to tip us on the announcement 🙂

  • Mot

    Still waiting 🙁 Almost a year later…

    • Nevi_me

      Yea, it sucks. I’ve been listening to local music on All Access for a while now. Google is just terrible when it comes to distribution I guess

  • Rhumple Stiltskin

    still waiting

    • same here :(, but I have the US version at least