Hillsong : God Is Able

I must say, I’m glad that being in South Africa means we get new Hillsong albums as they hit the shelves in Australia.


The 20th Hillsong Live album is finally out, got a copy today. To be honest, ever since Beautiful Exchange I think that most people who used to live the sound of the old Hillsong (perhaps before they became Hillsong ‘Live’) will find the sound of this album a bit ‘foreign’. That being, the music is still different from Hillsong United (or rather ‘Hillsong Youth’), it’s just that the team composition is changing, and with that comes a lot of change in the types of songs that are written.
My best friend spent months saying she doesn’t like Beautiful Exchange as much as all the other albums, till she gave it a chance … I just hope that people who weren’t ‘fascinated’ by Beautiful Exchange give this one a good long listen.

As I said, I just got it 2 hours ago, so I can’t review anything yet, I am not one for favourites when it comes to worship music because worship is not about just me; it’s about enjoying the presence of God (so says John Piper).

The one thing I did notice tho;ugh is that Joel Houston only has one track that he actively worked on (i.e. lead singer), and so is Darlene. It  features most of Reuben Morgan, and we’re seeing one-song wonders pumping in on the lead. By the way why did Brooke Ligertwood leave? Though Jill McGloghry is doing a great job being the lead female in the team.

I have the Deluxe version, which features 13 tracks, so far I enjoy listening to Rise, The Lost Are Found (heard it last weekend) and With Us.
The album’s theme seems to be built around the ‘Scarlet Thread’. Quite beautiful I must say.

Hope that everyone else who’s been waiting for the album will enjoy listening to it as much as I am, and for countries that haven’t received the album yet, it’s worth waiting 🙂