John Bunyan on how Christians backslide

This is taken off ‘Pilgrim’s Progress‘ written by John Bunyan. I have paraphrased it, mainly to use the simple English that which we are accustomed to.
What he has written is particularly true of all the times I have found myself backsliding.

[Taken off ‘Manner of Backsliding, in the last third of the book]

  1. We draw off our thoughts, and all that we can, from remembering God, and the awareness of death and judgement to come.
  2. Then we ignore private duties, such as; private prayer, curbing our lusts,watching sorrow for sin, and the like.
  3. Then we shun the company of lively and warm Christians [Revelations 3:16].
  4. After that we grow old to public duty, as hearing, reading and talking of godly things, and the like.
  5. Then we begin to pick holes ‘in the coats of some godly’, finding fault in others so we may have an excuse to ‘throw religion behind our backs’.
  6. Then we begin to associate ourselves with carnal, loose and wanton people.
  7. Then we give in to tempting desires in secret; whilst being glad if we see the same in any that are counted as honest, so we may point fingers and say that they also do it, thus boldly doing through their example.
  8. After this we begin to play with little sins openly.
  9. And then, being hardened, we show ourselves as we are, everlastingly perishing in our own deceit.

I recommend reading the book, there is a Moody’s Classics title which has been rewritten for the modern reader, if you can get your hands on it: Enjoy reading it!