Rejecting The Mormon Doctrines

[I disclaim that I do not have a problem with Mormons, I believe that I make some effort to love my brother regardless of his beliefs.]

To be honest I have a small problem with the Mormon missionaries at times. We have an LDS church near home, so we get different missionaries every few years. To date I have had maybe 4-5 different missionaries pay me a visit. As I blog there are two elders (their term for missionaries) in our house, but I chose to not leave my room and give them my company. Whether that is a good thing or whether I may be seen as rejecting our Lord is something I am open to be rebuked about.

If you are not familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints [The LDS], please feel free to Google them, as a church sect there is really more to their history than I can cover in my blog post.

The first time I heard about Joseph Smith and the Mormons was from my high school mentor. His case about the church made sense, and as a tender mind always open to discussion I saw validity in what he was saying. Though in my heart I hold to my simple beliefs that what has been authored in the Bible is more than enough for my faith.
Ever since then I have had visits from elders sharing their gospel. I was always open to their views, I have also learnt a great deal of some of the history surrounding their church and ways. I have visited their church once, though I arrived on special occasion (thus not being able to gauge, if I may, how ‘normal’ things are).

With the subsequent elders that visited me, I slowly got tired of their approach, in the sense that they all came preaching the same thing (which is not bad), but I mean the SAME THING.
They all:

  1. Told me of Adam’s, and man’s, fall.
  2. Of the old American Indian tribes.
  3. Jesus Christ appeared to them in the three days that he was dead.
  4. Of Joseph Smith’s discovery of the tablets.
  5. His vision, which lead to the above, and his instruction to found a ‘true church’.

I cannot, and will not, actively campaign that what they say is false, I do not have the evidence to do that. Nor are my beliefs based on doing that (hope I am not being lukewarm, we know what happens there). I do admit that some of their preaching does not conform to the teachings of the Bible.

One of which I am particularly displeased with is that their church is the one true church – with the implication that all our church-going efforts are in vain, all our praise and worship is in vain, and fundamentally our belief of Christianity might be void (this is my opinion from what I have experienced with the elders, it is a rebuttable presumption).
It is a problem I tend to have with most people when they talk as if their specific church is the ‘right/true church’. In defence of the missionaries, I can agree that historically the churches that were established back in the day were of views that which independent Christians disagreed with, an example being Martin Luther.
In this modern day I believe that as long as a church is healthy, i.e. is Christ Centred in conduct, teachings and leadership, there shouldn’t be (barring anything to the contrary) anything wrong with it.

So I have chosen to not entertain the Mormon missionaries on these bases:

  • They always come teaching the same thing from scratch, without acknowledging that there could have been other missionaries before them who laid some foundation of their beliefs. This does not permit growth.
  • Their ‘church’ theory is distorted for the time we live in, is an insult to an extent to church goers, and does not promote growth for believers. (I can defend my view if need be)

There are a lot of admirable things I can say about the Mormons that I know, a good number of my friends are indeed Mormons, but that is not the purpose of my post.

So what prompted me to write this post is to ask the question:

 In choosing to no longer entertain the LDS missionaries, am I rejecting Christ?

If any reader finds me at fault, I would appreciate your input that I may repent.