Why Should I Write?

It’s been a while since I last used WordPress, and almost 9 months since I last wrote a blog post. Something reminded me why I keep paying a small amount of money every month to keep this blog up, and it’s that I used to find writing my heart out to be satisfying.

Some people write because they have an audience, but even the most prolific of writers started without an audience. Even in the age of Facebook and Twitter, where speaking one’s mind can either be a series of Tweets, or a long Facebook post that disappears into the thousands other posts that are on our timelines; there are still people who prefer to write blogs.

At times I don’t have a friend to talk to, and I end up writing something down. Other times I want to share something awesome with the world. Writing is good, maybe some science researcher out there has proven that writing is good, but it shouldn’t matter.

Reading is more important, because a writer who does not read is like a leader who cannot follow. I’m looking at the end of the second month of 20166, and most of my resolutions of attaining balance in my life are out the window. I have a collection of books that I’ve stopped increasing because I’m very behind in reading.

How do avid readers to it? They say “pick up a book and read”. How do the dedicated joggers wake up every morning and spend an hour running? They say “get up, put on your running shoes and run”.

My biggest troubles are that I live under the self-imposed perception that I don’t have time, and that I’m so used to fighting that I am a soldier always at war.

So, why should I write?

For a long time in my life, I’ve had a passion to write, a dream to write children story-books at that. Should we follow all our passions as they make us who we are? I don’t know.

I’ve grown quite vocal about politics over the years, but no I don’t wish to write about politics, I enjoy reading the political commentary that the likes of The Daily Mavericks publish, and I’d rather continue being a reader than a writer.
I have come to learn that I don’t know a lot about our country and continent’s history. I would rather be a reader of those, although most of the time they seem to gravitate around Black Consciousness, but that’s a topic for another year as I’m seen as neo-liberal by my friends.

So why should I write?