Project UJ – Update (11 October 2012)

My mapping of Kingsway Campus is going well so far, I take a few minutes off studying here and there to add routes, features and anything I can. I had originally planned on adding stuff in an orderly fashion, but I’m finding it difficult as most of the features that I’ve added haven’t been reviewed.

I could go to the Google forums and ask someone to update my features, but I’m in no rush for now  cos of exams 🙂

I’ve done a couple of things so far:

  1. Increased the campus’ boundary to include the new residence and first year parking.
  2. Fixed Kingsway (one last edit pending review) cos the road was widened since the Rea Vaya construction. Though in December I’ll take some time to check if the lanes are correct.
  3. Added 4 of the residences (pending)
  4. Art Gallery
  5. Parking lots (haven’t added the ones in the residences) [and some reviewers keep removing the names of the parking lots].
  6. Walkways and paths (having trouble with the Kingsway bridge though :()

As a result of the lack of reviews, Kingsway Road looked like one of those iPhone messes for a few days. At least it’s almost all fixed up now.

Note: This is an ongoing effort to map the University of Johannesburg – Kingsway Campus. I’m doing it mainly for people who’ll be visiting the campus in future, so they can use Google Maps to navigate around.