UNISA 2014!

UNISA registrations open tomorrow. I’m quite excited to be registering for my third degree. No I won’t be working with Deborah Patta though.

The problem’s that I still haven’t decided what I want to study. Knowing myself, it will likely end up being decided at the casting of lots. For whatever I end up studying, I have a lot of recognisable prior knowledge, but I’m not taking shortcuts, doing all 30 modules.

The idea is to tackle two years’ modules in 2 years, and spread 3rd year over two years. Here’s to not having a life over the next 3-5 years!

How Dumb? Corner Fred and Harry

I haven’t had a chance to go pick up something that I purchased online two weeks back, it’s currently at the Strubensvalei Post Office. I thought I’d go pick it up this morning, but somehow I struggled to find the location of the post office. Google Maps pointed me to the correct place, but I was skeptical seeing how some POIs are sometimes not at their correct locations.

I took on to the internet to find the address, and I kept getting Corner Fred and Harry Street. The ‘official’ address from postoffice.co.za was “corner Vrede and Harry Streets”. Problem is, there is neither Fred/Vrede nor Harry Street in Strubensvalei. I went back to Google Maps, and after a minute of looking I just thought:

These idiots, the post office is on corner Fredenharry, not Fred and Harry!

As the politicians always speak, heads must roll over this mistake! I ended up not picking up my package as I was becoming late for work.

Free Car Wash in the Rain

I went to the south and back in a few billion yoctoseconds. It was soaking wet on the road, mom had to even caution me to drive like a granny.

On my way back the rain had stopped for most of the short journey. I noticed that my car was completely dry when I parked, and I might have a speeding ticket to my name. Since the car was dry and relatively clean, it struck me that next time it’s going to rain I should just apply a layer of car cleaner and go race it clean on the highway.

Problem solved, now to figure out how to clean the inside …

Withdrawal Symptoms

I’m having withdrawal symptoms after I shut myself out of my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I need the time to focus on important things, and I deemed such distractions bad for me.

I’ve always wanted to write more, so I’ll just start with status updates on my blog instead, call it my ‘fix’.

I managed to set up a VPN for my phone and other devices, and I converted one of my mail accounts to a US Google account.

No more Richard Mdluli and NSA tapping my connection

Oh my gosh, the apps that we don’t get when we’re out of the US!!! It also helps that my server is uncapped, my Ubuntu (and Windows if I ever turn it back on) is gonna be on secure VPN for good from now on.

I could Hulu all day, every day, no problem! (Katt Williams)

Mom’s back home, so I don’t have to worry about cooking, giving me more time for night-time reading and studying.

This is me taking back my life and putting it to better use!