8.ta and wasting paper

August/September Epic Fail

It’s now the second month of receiving long and detailed mobile account statements from 8.ta. It’s not a problem, but they are in A4! Last month I received 21 pages, same with this month (September). Those are a lot of pages to be printing.

It would make sense if the purpose of printing them was so that businesses that use mobile broadband and find themselves in the need to allocate the data to client bills based on the data on the statements. This notion, although silly, doesn’t work because that the usage is split into approx. 22 Megabytes per line (can’t explain it well, you’d have to see the statement yourself). I noticed on my statement that there is R17 for ‘Itemized Billing – Paper” 🙁 , it only appears on this month’s statement. My theory is that they spent a bit too much on printing paper just for the Internet 5 promo guys (it being 10-20 Gb split into 22 Mb per line item), that they decided to bill us for it.

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