Goodbye 40Mbps

Telkom’s been making the news recently, among other hot topics of discussion around our fixed-line provider is “The KT deal”. Now, our brilliant government has decided to intervene in the proposed takeover by Korea Telecoms. We got to find out this week as speculations went around that government is considering re-nationalising Telkom …

Don’t know if some people think it’s a good move (and why they do); I don’t know how Telkom was back in the days (I was still too young to notice), but all I remember was that Telkom once went in many of the rural areas empowering people with telephone lines [which is probably irrelevant to my point].

I think of government’s deliberations as likely bad for the development of our telecoms industry. Even though we have Swooosh, 120GIG BIG, MoFaya and the yellow guys, none of the capacities we are getting would be possible if it weren’t for that cable that Telkom uses. My worry is that government has kinda failed to appoint the right persons in most of its parastatals, as I type this only one light is on in the house, does Eskom ring a bell? Telkom has great people I reckon, from the guys on the ground to the ones making decisions at the top. Yes there is government influence, but at least we (investors) have a voice if government or anyone tries rubbish (the share price reflects reaction to decisions to an extent).

So with government likely to push the likes of Khulubuse in power, what gets to happen to those excessive bonuses? Would they care or even know about King III?

We live in an era where our broadband is pricey compared to the rest of the world, we are seeing declines as more competitors join the market, but the potential bottleneck is Telkom. I fear that if government takes total control of it, its bottom line might start being eroded by careless future management, which will affect the amount spent on infrastructure. That will potentially kill the planned 2Mbps basic and the 40Mbps ADSL.

I just hope that if this talk isn’t just baseless media speculation, that at least they keep sis Pinky as the CEO and don’t plant a Richard Mdluli into our dear Hellkom. Only time shall tell anyways

The Mobile Forces

I was quite keen on attending my first ever strike, when COSATU was mobilising forces for the fight against e-tolls. A bit disappointed that it was called off, yet still happy that OUTA won.

I have come to form an opinion, yes itā€™s not based on first-hand experience, but I get the feeling that some people might agree with it.

Whenever there is a ā€˜mass actionā€™ or strike, if it is not directly related to an employee union; itā€™s likely to be attended by mainly the unemployed. I presume not many working class citizens are allowed days off to go strike about everything that our citizens strike about. There was not so long ago an inset on 702 about the rights that employees have when they wish to strike, seemed fair but I doubt a lot of people call in sick or take annual leave to go strike.

This brings me to this supposition:

Whenever mass action is called for, whenever ā€˜forces are mobilisedā€™; the attendees are mainly the unemployed youth. Continue reading “The Mobile Forces”


I’m not American, neither am I based in the U.S., but I’m not ignorant. I’m writing this blog post as an effort to joing the protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protecting IP Act.
I’ve also decided to boycott GoDaddy. I registered almost half my domains on them (all domains outside SA), and it’s though it’s gonna be a lot of admin finding another registrar and adjusting name servers, I’m moving out from GoDaddy since they support the above-mentioned Acts.


The web shouldn’t be controlled by some corporations, piracy is wrong, but the power that the American government is trying to grant to these media and entertainment companies is appalling.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

It’s such a strong word

Ever heard someone go on and on about love, hate or any other of those strong words?

Well, it’s always sad for me because I feel that we are continuously tainting the essence of some words; love and hate specifically.
To put things into perspective, I believe that love and hate are strong words, which I naturally use carefully and in moderation. I don’t always get to follow my belief, especially when using things like;

I loveĀ ice cream


I hate it when something breaks

The above might seem like strongĀ feelings, which they are. The only thing for me is that even though I ‘love’ ice cream, IĀ can never love it the way that I wouldĀ love a person. IĀ do honestly more thanĀ dislike it when stuff breaks,Ā but I can neverĀ ‘hate’ it as much as I could claim to hate a person.


What I am getting at is this: Most words are constantly being either misused or abused. One might say it’s the same thing, but who knows? All that I know is that I find love to be too powerful a description of affection to ever throw around at someone if I don’t mean it. The same with hate. I recently went on an outburst on Facebook aboutĀ people who ‘damn’ each other. Damnation is a serious thing which we ought not curse each other with.

If IĀ had the power, I would make every person out there only say things like “I love you” when they really mean them. I think the world would be a better place if something like that were to happen.

8.ta and wasting paper

August/September Epic Fail

It’s now the second month of receiving long and detailed mobile account statements from 8.ta. It’s not a problem, but they are in A4! Last month I received 21 pages, same with this month (September). Those are a lot of pages to be printing.

It would make sense if the purpose of printing them was so that businesses that use mobile broadband and find themselves in the need to allocate the data to client bills based on the data on the statements. This notion, although silly, doesn’t work because that the usage is split into approx. 22 Megabytes per line (can’t explain it well, you’d have to see the statement yourself). I noticed on my statement that there is R17 for ‘Itemized Billing – Paper” šŸ™ , it only appears on this month’s statement. My theory is that they spent a bit too much on printing paper just for the Internet 5 promo guys (it being 10-20 Gb split into 22 Mb per line item), that they decided to bill us for it.

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