In Christ Alone

In April I went to the Rez Conference 2013 in Midrand. It was held in Christ Church, in Midrand.

The experience was fantastic, though the one thing I noticed was that I struggled to keep up with most of the songs/hymns. They’re a more ‘traditional’ church in the sense of their worship songs. It was fun learning new song ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyways, since that day I’ve come across some of the hymns that were sung, and wow!

One of them has been covered by Kristian Stanfill in the Passion 2013 album. In Christ Alone.

iTunes Music for Android User

I’m an Android fan (‘fandroid’), and for the most part, bashing Apple is my pastime. Of course I’m referring to iOS, Apple make great products (hardware). I have also lately taken to watching Apple’s share price plummet, it’s like I have this evil mantra towards Apple.

I do however admit that besides for iOS and the slow innovation in their mobile products of late, they still execute a lot of things brilliantly. One of them is iTunes. I’ve had iTunes for a while now, and I mainly use it to access iTunesU podcasts. Since we can buy music now in South Africa, I’ve been contemplating making the switch from buying CDs to buying music online. Continue reading “iTunes Music for Android User”

Jesus Culture Live in New York: Coming 20 November 2012

Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Martin Smith, and the Jesus Culture teamย were at it in New York. And as a result we get another live album ๐Ÿ™‚

The promotion has gone up on the website, been out for about 2 weeks I think.

I don’t have details yet on whether it’ll be a CD + DVD combo, or whether each will be sold separately. The latter would make sense as there’s 16 tracks on the album. Also seems that they’re just gonna call “Live from New York”.

There’s a sample of songs (as we’ve come to expect) on the website, just click on the Listen link.