Sex before marriage, the spoiler before the movie, is it worth it? [Part 1]

I’ll start by saying that I know that from a biblical perspective it is wrong and not worth it. Whether we might agree or disagree depends on the extent to which we will misinterpret the Bible to benefit our own desires.

I however wish to look at this from another angle, I don’t quite know which yet. I always say that if my life was in a slightly better state than it is right now, I would choose to marry now (age 22). That might be for noble reasons, but sadly it might also be just so that I may start fulfilling my sexual desires sooner. Sadly, I have to wait … Maybe another 6 years.

It sort of feels like when there’s a new movie coming out, and all the spoilers are on the Internet, you want to enjoy watching the movie but yet are tempted to catch a glimpse of what’s to come. Let’s face it, though ‘no temptation has seized you except what is common to man‘; sexual temptation often feels like a nagging salesman who won’t leave you alone unless [until] you submit and buy something.

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John Bunyan on how Christians backslide

This is taken off ‘Pilgrim’s Progress‘ written by John Bunyan. I have paraphrased it, mainly to use the simple English that which we are accustomed to.
What he has written is particularly true of all the times I have found myself backsliding. Continue reading “John Bunyan on how Christians backslide”

Rejecting The Mormon Doctrines

[I disclaim that I do not have a problem with Mormons, I believe that I make some effort to love my brother regardless of his beliefs.]

To be honest I have a small problem with the Mormon missionaries at times. We have an LDS church near home, so we get different missionaries every few years. To date I have had maybe 4-5 different missionaries pay me a visit. As I blog there are two elders (their term for missionaries) in our house, but I chose to not leave my room and give them my company. Whether that is a good thing or whether I may be seen as rejecting our Lord is something I am open to be rebuked about. Continue reading “Rejecting The Mormon Doctrines”

Page Numbers

Page numbers, one of the many things I am terrible at remembering. I have been looking for a system to remember the pages on which I pause in the many books I read, thus far my attempts are unfruitful.

Ever since September 2009 I have been buying books, in such volume that even though I am a very fast reader, I have fallen behind on most of them.


Book Collection
Part of my book collection. The books I'm currently reading.

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