Where’d Commute Nav Go?

I’ve seen some interest on my LinkedIn and other public profiles linking people to commutenav.co.za and my blog. Currently when you go to commutenav.co.za / commutenav.com / rwt.to / rwtto.co / rwtto.com / rwtto.co.za (I know, the domains left me broke), you’ll find some page about being down for maintenance.
I was writing my board exams, so I couldn’t afford to fool around, it’s easier for me to wanna work on programming instead of studying, so I shut down my production PC and took everything off the web.

Well, now I have resumed working on the project, it’s not yet live because for some silly reason I decided to rebuild it from scratch using just Javascript. It’s going to be my December project, and so far it is coming along well.

So, hopefully in 3 – 10 weeks I’ll have another prototype running 🙂

Commute nav comes to life

After a few months of research, planning and sleepless nights; Commute nav ‘ground zero’ (no public functionality yet) hits the web. It’s gonna be an active project over the coming months/years. I’m mainly working on the design and development of the site, but will move over to development only once the design roadmap is complete (and designers handle that).

Here is a screenshot of the site

The Incorporator

So in January I registered an entity, mainly to be able to protect an idea I’ve been working on since November 2011. I was impressed at the Registrar’s improvement in service delivery as the whole process took about a month. I hope patent and copyright filing also goes well. I’m working on a *large* project which should hit the private beta status (invitation only stuff) in about 2-3 months. I must admit that it’s difficult as I am doing something of the size and scope that I’ve never attempted before; I hope it doesn’t end up being abandoned like some of my ideas 🙂

More info will be in the pipeline, but I hope I’ll be the next dot com millionaire haha