Chad Le Clos Gets Gold, 10 To Go

Following my Sunday night post about our first Gold medal, another SA swimmer does it again, in elegant style I might say.

Chad Le Clos got himself an African Record, a gold medal, a ‘suck that Michael Phelps‘, a nice bonus from SASCOC on the way, and a pat from South Africa on the shoulder 🙂 Congrats Chad.

Again, here’s the latest Olympic medal map. China and USA leading ridiculously, though now US is leading overall

Gold Medal, 11 to go

This weekend I ‘discovered’ the London xx12 Olympic medal map, it’s at I watched as each country, specifically China and USA raked in the medals like they did in the Beijing Olympics, with nothing for team South Africa 🙁

Just gt home from church, and checked the map with some expectations, and yay! Cameron Van Der Burgh got us gold! As the Mail & Guardian exaggerates the truth:

“South African swimming ace Cameron van der Burgh smashed the South African, African and Olympic records in the semifinals of the 100-metres breaststroke at the London Olympic Games on Saturday night.”

Well done on the world record Cameron! You’ve made us proud!

Here’s a screenshot of the medals map 🙂

And the gold medals map. 🙂

Facing my Demons

I’m training as an auditor, and I think I am doing relatively well at work, except that I hate auditing exams. Tomorrow I’m writing my first auditing exam since my Board 1 disappointment.
To put things in context: I did very well in varsity, but the gap between Auditing and my 3 other subjects was 10-14%. I hated the thing with a passion, I think I still do.

I’ve tried to study, motivated by a salary increase and completion of my articles, but no budge, still doing badly. Maybe I’m not as focused as I will be in the exam tomorrow. It’s 6 hours split into 3 hours each, I think I can endure writing for that long 🙂

Anyway the main thing that I have noticed since my varsity days is that my way of thinking has improved (thinking about Auditing that is), and I have much more experience. The main reason I failed Auditing for most of the year was that I had never audited anything in my life, so the concept of it was like pie in the sky. Yet now that I am equipped with some experience, and have grown a bit, I hope I will be able to pass tomorrow’s exam. I’m writing tomorrow and on the 18 August, then it’s IRBA’s PPE in the last week of November 🙂

All the best to everyone writing tomorrow, dress warmly

Search Results being Hijacked

My blog has very low activity, so if you’re reading this post; it means you’ve searched for a solution for your problem, but haven’t yet found one.

About 3 weeks ago I was hit by the ‘System Check’ malware. A script on a website (can’t recall off by head which, but it was one of the WordPress sites), likely through a poisoned carrot on the theme files or some upload. My anti-virus (ESET) picked it up, a few times at that. I was curious, and looked into my temp folder to see what was up. A few moments later I had forgotten about the intrusion (I have bad memory), and I turned off ESET Firewall to open a port range (don’t ask why). Then bang!!! I was hit by the malware. Continue reading “Search Results being Hijacked”