Google Maps Traffic vs Waze

I took a few minutes off studying this morning to find Moneyweb covering an interesting story. Google has enabled live traffic data in SA and a few other countries! Victory for users and local developers (as the overlay is available through the JavaScript API). Honestly I was sad at first, as I was looking at a way of providing such information on Google Maps (quite ambitious, but my early retirement plan is gone now). After a few more minutes of searching I discovered that Google Map Maker has also been activated in South Africa.

The latter is important because we can start adding walkways, and coincidentally my project relied on walkways, meaning that I don’t need to look at alternative mapping solutions yet. I added two walkways, and I’ll see how long approval takes.

Anyways, instead of covering the Google success, I decided to leave at a relatively busy time of the evening today, so I could compare Google Navigation with Waze Navigation. Particularly the level of detail and accuracy of each service. Of course Waze has the advantage of users sharing info on incidents, but disregarding that advantage; I had an interesting time comparing each. Even took some screenshots thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich (I didn’t record any screenclips as I am normally loud on the road [expressing anger to some of the stuff that happens in the news, while listening to 702]. Continue reading “Google Maps Traffic vs Waze”

Downgrade to BlackBerry

My Android has been broken for almost a month now, so I decided to get a BlackBerry. I got the Curve 9360, mainly because of the OS7 and the lack of a touch-screen. I still think RIM could do better with their touchscreem phones. The Torch 9810 was an expensive attempt at making a decent touch phone, so I didn’t want to try out the Touch 99×0 series.

BlackBerry 9360
BlackBerry 9360


Anyways, I’m known to hate BlackBerry devices with a passion and a bit more, but here’s why I bought one:

  • I will be developing apps as part of a start-up, I have an Android to test with, iPhones don’t have a fragmentation problem so I don’t need to buy one. My cousin has a Symbian. WP7 is a joke in SA. Which leaves out the Berry.
  • My Nedbank team has a BBM group, and I was missing out on the stuff that goes on there.
  • I’ve wanted a second phone, was considering a WP7, but they’re still expensive and not yet attractive in the SA market.
  • BBM, which is one of the very few good things about the Berry, after all this is a good communication tool. I’m gonna use my Android contract savings to pay for this contract.
  •  Lastly, a colleague challenged me to make an app that’s better than BlackBerry’s Whatsapp (terrible I tell you!).

I’m likely to have issues with the Berry, their API seems to not be giving developers the chance to really shine, though I already have a love/hate relationship with the BBM integration, I think it’s one of the few things I’ll find to be good about the Berry.

Over the next few weeks I’ll round up my experience moving from Android to a Berry. Hopefully one post a week about what’s good and bad 🙂