Project UJ – 25 Nov 2012

I am making progress with mapping UJ Kingsway on Google Mapย Maker. To date I have added almost all the routes on campus. I’m busy with the parking lot, and I have started adding walking trails.

I am not done with the residences and other buildings. I am a bit lazy to do the buildings because it is a lot of work drawing them in.

Below is a screenshot of how the map looks like.

Project UJ – Update (11 October 2012)

My mapping of Kingsway Campus is going well so far, I take a few minutes off studying here and there to add routes, features and anything I can. I had originally planned on adding stuff in an orderly fashion, but I’m finding it difficult as most of the features that I’ve added haven’t been reviewed. Continue reading “Project UJ – Update (11 October 2012)”

Project University of Johannesburg – Post 1

A few months back Google added Map Maker support in South Africa. I recall it being a Saturday morning that I saw the news. I was so excited that I added walkways in my neighbourhood on to Google Maps.
My changes were approved in a few hours, but I was disappointed when I didn’t see the routes neither on the PC nor on my Google Maps for Android app.

About a week ago I was looking at University of Johannesburg, the Kingsway campus, on Google Maps. I noticed that the parking lot that I had drawn appeared on Google Maps. So I went and checked my hood, to find the walkways also appearing. Yay!

So now I’ve decided to start a small project for when I’m frustrated with studying. I’m gonna take a few minutes once in a while to plot additions on the Kingsway campus of UJ. I won’t be active till I’m done with exams in November, but I’m going to be active in December and next year.

I don’t know how long the whole project will take, but hopefully I can get my old university up to the likes of the universities in the US, in terms of available detail anyways.

If you read this post and are interested in helping out, please mail me at ๐Ÿ™‚

What I had done to date

The Kingsway Campus didn’t have any detail except for ‘JUTA Bookstore’ and ‘Studietrust’ when I plotted my data. I added a few roads and the D-lab parking lot.

What I will be working on

I’m going to do it this way, in the presented order:

  • Roads around campus
  • Parking lots
  • Walkways (to enable walking directions ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • The various lecture halls and labs (if possible)
  • The sport grounds (including the ones around Melville)
  • Student Center and residences (including Sophia Town ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I haven’t explored Google Map Maker that much, so I don’t know how much more detail can be added. My target for completion is end of February 2013. I’m gonna try get help from varsity students for other campuses when I complete Kingsway. There’s no incentive for me, but I think it’ll be useful for prospective students wanting to come to UJ in future.