Cara’s sexy dress: Legend of the Seeker

 Cara: Uh, not until I get out of this dress!

Kahlan: Why? A little lower on the neckline and you may never need another agiel. And if you’d done this a year ago, Darken Rahl would’ve surrendered at the sight of you. And if your going to wear a hem that short you should get rid of the stockings and show a little skin.

Hillsong : God Is Able

I must say, I’m glad that being in South Africa means we get new Hillsong albums as they hit the shelves in Australia.


The 20th Hillsong Live album is finally out, got a copy today. To be honest, ever since Beautiful Exchange I think that most people who used to live the sound of the old Hillsong (perhaps before they became Hillsong ‘Live’) will find the sound of this album a bit ‘foreign’. That being, the music is still different from Hillsong United (or rather ‘Hillsong Youth’), it’s just that the team composition is changing, and with that comes a lot of change in the types of songs that are written. Continue reading “Hillsong : God Is Able”