Hi there. I’m Nevi-me, better known by my real name, Neville.

nevi_me Androidified!


I will be a qualified Chartered Accountant at the end of 2013, but will be working partly out of my profession in order to try out other interesting vocations.


I am completing my training articles with a SAICA accredited training office at the end of 2013.

I was bred at The University of Johannesburg in the period 2007 – 2010. I have completed:

  • BCom Accounting Hons (2010)
  • BCom Accounting (2009)

I am currently considering studying a Masters in International Accounting or Financial Management. However, I’ve recently been considering starting from scratch with a degree in Maths or Stats, doing Actuarial Sciences would work if I have the time, but I am not so keen on becoming an actuary.

I am starting a new degree with UNISA from 2014. Have considered Computer Science and Mathematics, or Mathematics and Statistics. I plan on completing this qualification by the end of 2017.


I’ve had a keen interest in computers since I was first introduced to them. I couldn’t initially study IT, so I decided to learn what I wanted on my own. I’ve used a handful of programming languages, almost all of them towards building websites.
I now spend most of my hours zoned in my room working on projects. I have spent most of those hours learning some technologies and programming languages.
Most of my time’s spent playing around with Node.js, mongoDB and related technologies. For production purposes though I am starting to learn Python, Ruby and Java. If mongoDB treats me well I’ll dump SQL for it as often as possible.

I have spent over 10 months working on a public transit planning app, written in JavaScript. The technology stack that I currently use is Node.js, MongoDB and some of the client-side templating frameworks and libraries. I am proficient in SQL, and understand a few other languages.

I have a keen interest in building optimisation models, both from a financial management perspective and for non-finance related disciplines.

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    Nice meeting you Neville. God bless you always. Amen.

    • Neville

      The pleasure was mine Gadel. :)

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