I’m a Fat Kid

A few weeks ago I was complaining about how skinny I was, and I resolved to gain 10kg by end of November. Since then I’ve been watching what I eat (making sure that I eat), my mom came back for a few weeks, and I’m being spoilt with food at work. Tonight I realised how heavy I feel, and my arms no longer show much of my skeletal features.

It’s official, I’m a fat kid now.

I didn’t get a chance to buy the weight scale, so I won’t know my progress, but I an definitely on the rise.

Free Car Wash in the Rain

I went to the south and back in a few billion yoctoseconds. It was soaking wet on the road, mom had to even caution me to drive like a granny.

On my way back the rain had stopped for most of the short journey. I noticed that my car was completely dry when I parked, and I might have a speeding ticket to my name. Since the car was dry and relatively clean, it struck me that next time it’s going to rain I should just apply a layer of car cleaner and go race it clean on the highway.

Problem solved, now to figure out how to clean the inside …

Pres. Joyce Banda ain’t Impressed

Things the president of the ANC says:

People should stop thinking like Africans in Africa and accept that Gauteng roads were not like some national road in Malawi or Pietermaritzburg or Rustenburg.

President Joyce Banda ain’t impressed where she is.

Also funny that this morning I heard a radio ad that Kumba Iron Ore helped build some road(s) in Northern Cape. Maybe SANRAL should go set up e-tolls there too.