Church Hopping 2014 | USA

I might be eligible to go on secondment to the US at the end of the year. A few months back I was thinking of what I’d like to do there when my secondment ends. Most people end up traveling for a few weeks, some months or the whole year, but I can’t afford that.

I got the idea in May to go church-hopping in all the churches that I’d like to visit. It’s a wonderful idea, and I’m loving it by the day. It does however pose some challenges, being that the US is huge, and I might not make it to all the places I’d like to go to before I have to come back home. So I’ve decided to start identifying all the places that I’d like to visit, and possibly conferences and tours that will be taking place at the time.
I’ve slowly started with the location of churches, however it’s a bit difficult to plan concerts and conferences as I don’t know how working conditions will be, should I even make the cut to go on secondment.

Most of the conference tickets are sold months before the event, that makes planning tough

I’ve created a map on Google Maps Engine, which is below:

As logistics get underway for the selection process, I’m going to try fill up my map with places and dates, so that I can choose the best-positioned location to elect to go to. Of course I’ll also need a church to visit each of the weeks that I’ll be away, so that’s also something to consider.

I’m quite excited, I am hoping for a favourable outcome 🙂