Google is Down, Bing is Still Terrible

Google Search has been down for a few hours now. I’m not certain if the problem’s just with me, or whether other people are noticing it.
I probably search Google 200 times in an average day, so today’s not going well for me. I’ve had to use Bing a few times, and each time I use it I am reminded of why I think it’s a horrible joke gone wrong.


Half of the time when I decide to use Bing to look for something, I get useless nothing. Yesterday I had an error on the app that I’m writing, when I Googled Binged the error I found nothing of relevance, an hour later Google Search was working again, so I searched again, and found what I was looking for.

How does Microsoft with their Bing gimmick expect me to take them seriously when searching for myself won’t even return my own blog? Here’s the specimen

I really think people who keep saying that Bing is better than Google Search are like those people who didn’t wanna complain about Apple Maps the first week it was released. Some of them were even going:

It’s been perfect so far, except for the melting bridge that I avoided

8ta 10GB Promo Renewal Window

One of the best things to happen to the interwebs in South Africa during 2012 was 8ta announcing a 10GB data deal for R199 (~ US $21) per month. There was an add-on option of 10GB extra for R100,
It’s been quite a liberating experience having the data promo. I’ve saved literally thousands of Rand in data costs.
Anyways, the offer was announced in the first week of June 2011 IIRC. Running over 24 months means that early birds’ contracts expire at the end of May at least. The problem’s that rumour has it that the promotion is ending with this month. So there’s 7 days to upgrade …

I received a call today from a lady at the 8ta call center, who notified me that I’m due for upgrade. That made me smile cos I can still get the data deal again for another 24 months before it expires.
I tried to confirm that the data promo is being canned at the end of March, she went and found out but got no detail on it. She also suggested that there might likely be similar deals (with Telkom introducing Telkom Mobile). I doubt that I’d get a better deal than what I am currently getting, so I think I’m just going to renew mine, if something better comes, I wouldn’t have lost out.

One other thing to consider though is that 8ta’s LTE launch is “imminent” (as the site puts it), and with the fresh offers that they’ve recently brought, it’d be likely that their LTE offering will be affordable too. I might have to flip a coin for this one 🙁

Forking a Repo to my Dongle

So some character was offended by two guys at a tech conference, and instead of telling them that their ‘offensive penis jokes’ are offensive penis jokes, she went on the interweb and ruined their names and probably rest of careers. The Verge has covered the story, which is what I first read before I went digging around to get more info on what happened.

The story is covered everywhere, and my side of it is that this character should have rather approached the guys. the TL;DR version of it is that this Andria Richards character felt offended by two guys who were talking about forking a repo (which means: making a copy of someone’s project in order to use/contribute to) and references to a “big dongle” (you know, USB dongle, Bluetooth dongle … ). She then tweeted about it, and got the guys kicked out of the conference. Later both guys were fired.

 this Adria (had spelt her as Andria, apologies) Richards character felt offended by two guys who were talking about forking a repo

It’s a sad thing because she’s prolly taken back the whole “women in programming” bit backwards, as is evident from some of the hate mail spreading around the net and IRC. The anonymously infamous Anonymous even took a stand against SendGrid, Andria’s employer, who later fired her citing the DDoS as a reason.

I find some sense of humour cos the interwebs bring justice, even when you decide to use your power and ruin guys’ lives over something that could have been handled in a more civil manner.