Jacob Zuma on Bafana Bafana Winning AFCON

This was just too funny, worth more than just a retweet. For those that don’t know, the AFCON is an African football cup challenge. So when the president says that an African team will win, he’s just implying that he knows nothing of what’s going on. Perhaps just a media stunt to go see aBafana?


Welcome Ubuntu Phone OS

Today Mark Shuttleworth announced the Ubuntu Phone OS. Quite interesting as I saw it as the first true ‘gesture phone’, which is something Google is moving towards (at least with their apps, like Maps for iOS). The most interesting thing for me was the home screen, Looked very visually appealing, we’ll probably see it in the Play Store in a few weeks.

If you found my blog cos you were searching for the Ubuntu Phone OS, this is the wrong place to read up on it 🙂 I was just commenting about the phone/OS. Word (Press Release) has it that the phone will be available in early 2014, but since Mark was holding an Android device, and he mentioned that Ubuntu can run on Android devices, we might see it sooner (if the source code is released).

Remember that the difference with Android is really the layer on top of the Linux kernel. Both Ubuntu and Android will use the same kernel, though versions are expected to differ, as with all things Linux.

Congratulations Canonical. “Oh my gosh, take my money!!!”

Let’s hope Apple doesn’t try sue you too in a few years!