Facing my Demons

I’m training as an auditor, and I think I am doing relatively well at work, except that I hate auditing exams. Tomorrow I’m writing my first auditing exam since my Board 1 disappointment.
To put things in context: I did very well in varsity, but the gap between Auditing and my 3 other subjects was 10-14%. I hated the thing with a passion, I think I still do.

I’ve tried to study, motivated by a salary increase and completion of my articles, but no budge, still doing badly. Maybe I’m not as focused as I will be in the exam tomorrow. It’s 6 hours split into 3 hours each, I think I can endure writing for that long 🙂

Anyway the main thing that I have noticed since my varsity days is that my way of thinking has improved (thinking about Auditing that is), and I have much more experience. The main reason I failed Auditing for most of the year was that I had never audited anything in my life, so the concept of it was like pie in the sky. Yet now that I am equipped with some experience, and have grown a bit, I hope I will be able to pass tomorrow’s exam. I’m writing tomorrow and on the 18 August, then it’s IRBA’s PPE in the last week of November 🙂

All the best to everyone writing tomorrow, dress warmly

Passion World Tour: Pretoria

As most of us would know by now, Passion’s coming to Pretoria on the 26 September (on a workday 🙁 ). More details have been added to their website (http://www.268generation.com/wt2012/passion-pretoria/), and tickets are scheduled to go on sale from the first of July. Prices increase with time, but I reckon it might get sold out by the end of the first month. I don’t know how big the Supersport Park stadium is though.

Would have loved to see more artists like Matt Redman or Krisrian Stanfill … So far only Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels are coming, oh and Louie Giglio :).

Will post more info as the event comes closer, for now; don’t forget to get yourselves some tickets.

Google Maps Traffic vs Waze

I took a few minutes off studying this morning to find Moneyweb covering an interesting story. Google has enabled live traffic data in SA and a few other countries! Victory for users and local developers (as the overlay is available through the JavaScript API). Honestly I was sad at first, as I was looking at a way of providing such information on Google Maps (quite ambitious, but my early retirement plan is gone now). After a few more minutes of searching I discovered that Google Map Maker has also been activated in South Africa.

The latter is important because we can start adding walkways, and coincidentally my project relied on walkways, meaning that I don’t need to look at alternative mapping solutions yet. I added two walkways, and I’ll see how long approval takes.

Anyways, instead of covering the Google success, I decided to leave at a relatively busy time of the evening today, so I could compare Google Navigation with Waze Navigation. Particularly the level of detail and accuracy of each service. Of course Waze has the advantage of users sharing info on incidents, but disregarding that advantage; I had an interesting time comparing each. Even took some screenshots thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich (I didn’t record any screenclips as I am normally loud on the road [expressing anger to some of the stuff that happens in the news, while listening to 702]. Continue reading “Google Maps Traffic vs Waze”

Goodbye 40Mbps

Telkom’s been making the news recently, among other hot topics of discussion around our fixed-line provider is “The KT deal”. Now, our brilliant government has decided to intervene in the proposed takeover by Korea Telecoms. We got to find out this week as speculations went around that government is considering re-nationalising Telkom …

Don’t know if some people think it’s a good move (and why they do); I don’t know how Telkom was back in the days (I was still too young to notice), but all I remember was that Telkom once went in many of the rural areas empowering people with telephone lines [which is probably irrelevant to my point].

I think of government’s deliberations as likely bad for the development of our telecoms industry. Even though we have Swooosh, 120GIG BIG, MoFaya and the yellow guys, none of the capacities we are getting would be possible if it weren’t for that cable that Telkom uses. My worry is that government has kinda failed to appoint the right persons in most of its parastatals, as I type this only one light is on in the house, does Eskom ring a bell? Telkom has great people I reckon, from the guys on the ground to the ones making decisions at the top. Yes there is government influence, but at least we (investors) have a voice if government or anyone tries rubbish (the share price reflects reaction to decisions to an extent).

So with government likely to push the likes of Khulubuse in power, what gets to happen to those excessive bonuses? Would they care or even know about King III?

We live in an era where our broadband is pricey compared to the rest of the world, we are seeing declines as more competitors join the market, but the potential bottleneck is Telkom. I fear that if government takes total control of it, its bottom line might start being eroded by careless future management, which will affect the amount spent on infrastructure. That will potentially kill the planned 2Mbps basic and the 40Mbps ADSL.

I just hope that if this talk isn’t just baseless media speculation, that at least they keep sis Pinky as the CEO and don’t plant a Richard Mdluli into our dear Hellkom. Only time shall tell anyways