The Mobile Forces

I was quite keen on attending my first ever strike, when COSATU was mobilising forces for the fight against e-tolls. A bit disappointed that it was called off, yet still happy that OUTA won.

I have come to form an opinion, yes it’s not based on first-hand experience, but I get the feeling that some people might agree with it.

Whenever there is a ‘mass action’ or strike, if it is not directly related to an employee union; it’s likely to be attended by mainly the unemployed. I presume not many working class citizens are allowed days off to go strike about everything that our citizens strike about. There was not so long ago an inset on 702 about the rights that employees have when they wish to strike, seemed fair but I doubt a lot of people call in sick or take annual leave to go strike.

This brings me to this supposition:

Whenever mass action is called for, whenever ‘forces are mobilised’; the attendees are mainly the unemployed youth. Continue reading “The Mobile Forces”