It’s such a strong word

Ever heard someone go on and on about love, hate or any other of those strong words?

Well, it’s always sad for me because I feel that we are continuously tainting the essence of some words; love and hate specifically.
To put things into perspective, I believe that love and hate are strong words, which I naturally use carefully and in moderation. I don’t always get to follow my belief, especially when using things like;

I love ice cream


I hate it when something breaks

The above might seem like strong feelings, which they are. The only thing for me is that even though I ‘love’ ice cream, I can never love it the way that I would love a person. I do honestly more than dislike it when stuff breaks, but I can never ‘hate’ it as much as I could claim to hate a person.


What I am getting at is this: Most words are constantly being either misused or abused. One might say it’s the same thing, but who knows? All that I know is that I find love to be too powerful a description of affection to ever throw around at someone if I don’t mean it. The same with hate. I recently went on an outburst on Facebook about people who ‘damn’ each other. Damnation is a serious thing which we ought not curse each other with.

If I had the power, I would make every person out there only say things like “I love you” when they really mean them. I think the world would be a better place if something like that were to happen.