Pilgrim’s Progress: Son of Woman [Flee Lust and Temptation]

Oh son of woman, simple be thy ways son of woman!
Resist the flesh, the lust for woman
Her cobweb at your eyes she hath woven
gouge out your eye, for narrow be the path thou hast chosen.

Cherish her presence,
and not crave guidance in her absence!
Love first the woman whence from thou comest.
Love The Holy One’s wisdom, from whence love thou knowest.

In patience thou shalt await your lot
In The Father seek guidance, for He faileth not
Abandoned and alone be your evil ways
Through The Spirit, follow The Son for all your days.

‘The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge’
and hither lay she, take heart son of woman, flee her who entice thee, ask Yahweh for courage!

8.ta and wasting paper

August/September Epic Fail

It’s now the second month of receiving long and detailed mobile account statements from 8.ta. It’s not a problem, but they are in A4! Last month I received 21 pages, same with this month (September). Those are a lot of pages to be printing.

It would make sense if the purpose of printing them was so that businesses that use mobile broadband and find themselves in the need to allocate the data to client bills based on the data on the statements. This notion, although silly, doesn’t work because that the usage is split into approx. 22 Megabytes per line (can’t explain it well, you’d have to see the statement yourself). I noticed on my statement that there is R17 for ‘Itemized Billing – Paper” 🙁 , it only appears on this month’s statement. My theory is that they spent a bit too much on printing paper just for the Internet 5 promo guys (it being 10-20 Gb split into 22 Mb per line item), that they decided to bill us for it.

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Rejecting The Mormon Doctrines

[I disclaim that I do not have a problem with Mormons, I believe that I make some effort to love my brother regardless of his beliefs.]

To be honest I have a small problem with the Mormon missionaries at times. We have an LDS church near home, so we get different missionaries every few years. To date I have had maybe 4-5 different missionaries pay me a visit. As I blog there are two elders (their term for missionaries) in our house, but I chose to not leave my room and give them my company. Whether that is a good thing or whether I may be seen as rejecting our Lord is something I am open to be rebuked about. Continue reading “Rejecting The Mormon Doctrines”

New Music Day: Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons

I passed by CUM Books during the week, looking for Kristian Stanfill’s ‘Mountains Move’. Was so disappointed when they said they don’t have it yet. Well it’s depressing that I still won’t listen to anything but Hillsong, Passion and a few others, so you can imagine how excited I become when a new album’s coming out (which would be after many months).
Anyway I felt sad, and just left without looking for Matt Redman’s album.

Today I went shopping, then decided to pass by the book store to see if there’s a book I’d like to read. Started at the music section, and whoa there was Matt Redman! Came in a week back. I don’t do music reviews, so I’ll just list the tracks in the album 🙂

1. We Are the Free
2. Here For You
3. Holy
4. 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)
5. Fires
6. Never Once
7. Where Would We Be
8. We Could Change the World
9. Magnificent
10. O This God
11. Endless Hallelujah