Pilgrim’s Progress: Liar

Im my previous post I listed the 10 words that best describe me. I do not believe that those words are words which anyone would wish to be described, however of me they are true. Not to say that there are no good qualities about me – or any human being out there. Yet when deciding to take my pilgrimage I sought after opening up to working on those 10 things. There are much more to work on, but those were the top 10.

Thus every once in a while I will pause on the journey and reflect on each and every one of the 10 ‘qualities’, beginning with being a liar.

CIPC in disarray

As an auditor and entrepreneur I understand the value of business – and especially new business. In South Africa, ever since the inception of the Companies Act 28 of 2008, we viewed the landscape as changing. For example; efficient registration of companies was expected, yet until the DA started making some noise about backlogs. The number of companies registered since May 2011 to then July 2011 was appalling. I was sadly one of those people waiting in line. I’m glad though that they’re doing something about it, and it does seem promising that the end of August deadline will be met.

Page Numbers

Page numbers, one of the many things I am terrible at remembering. I have been looking for a system to remember the pages on which I pause in the many books I read, thus far my attempts are unfruitful.

Ever since September 2009 I have been buying books, in such volume that even though I am a very fast reader, I have fallen behind on most of them.


Book Collection
Part of my book collection. The books I'm currently reading.

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